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Wireless temperature logger & alarm system

Minh Nguyen Kieu 06/04/2020 1133 Views

Different goods, such drugs, vaccines, biology samples and even foods must be stored in controlled temperature conditions. Also right temperature is one part of success in egg incubation, fish growing and other agricultural, biological and biochemical industries. This device allow you to follow temperature regime of your technology cycle and receive an alarm to mobile phone in just minute if temperature conditions goes off from safe range.

To be sure about quality of drugs, vaccines and other biochemical preparations, it is important strictly follow prescriptions about temperature regime of storage. A little too cold or little to warm – and expensive medical goods can easily lost their therapeutic effect in irreversible manner. In livestock, biotechnology and biochemistry many technology cycles also rely on precision temperature control. Just for example: error in gust of one degree of Celsius can reduce results of chicken or duck eggs incubation up to 15%.

Today on the market present big selection of temperature regulators and loggers of different kind. You can see temperature readings on display, write log on memory card, receive data on mobile phone or upload them to the server. Data handling nowadays is no problem.

Real problem appears when you trying to integrate external temperature logging hardware into your equipment. Almost all temperature controlled volumes are closed cabinets or boxes. It is problem to install any additional temperature sensor because no exist any spare holes for wire of the sensor. And sometime it is even impossible to make any hole, if equipment works under excessive or reduced internal pressure.

Our solution includes wireless temperature sensors and wireless logging device to receive and process data. No wires required: just one USB socket for power and communication with computer. No installation works, no drills, cuts or other possible damage to technology equipment.

Technical parameters:

  • Receiver: 433.92MHz, modulation OOK.
  • Internal memory: up to 1024 readings can be stored into log file
  • GSM / GPRS modem compatible with all Vietnamese mobile providers
  • All settings and parameter readings can be done by SMS messages
  • Up to 8 phone numbers for emergency call and SMS reporting in case if temperature will out of safe range
  • Up to 40 wireless temperature sensors can be registered and assigned to each logger
  • Uploading data to any freeware / commercial data acquisition server via UDP or TCP link
  •  4 x 20 characters LCD display and buttons for local setup & administration
  • USB port for power and configuration with computer
  • Power: 5V, 0.25A, USB socket. Computer USB port, any phone chargers and powerbanks are OK to power up this device.