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Security & environmental conditions control device

Minh Nguyen Kieu 07/04/2020 1103 Views

This all-in-one solution was designed for one of big retail network of Vietnam. We pack in single wall mount enclosure security and fire alarm system with backup power together with multi channel data logging and reporting device.

Many businesses in Vietnam as well as in another countries rely on wireless (GSM) alarm systems to maintain security and fire safety. We have designed advanced alarm device, that combine alarm functions together with environmental conditions measurement and logging. It can be useful for small scale food stores, drug stores, medical facilities, restaurants & hotels.  In just single wall-mount unit we have packed multi zone alarm system with support for both wired and wireless security sensors, GSM modem, backup power and loud audible siren horn. But also our unit capable to read multiple temperature and humidity readings, monitor AC line voltage and even emergency shut off circuit breaker in case of fire, abnormal power consumption or by external command. All measured data can be displayed on mobile phone or on web page via dedicated server. Security and fire alarms as well warnings about critical environmental conditions deliver to subscribers via SMS and phone calls.


Technical parameters:

  • Size ** x ** x ** mm
  • Mass **kg (include 4.5Ah 6V sealed lead acid battery)
  • Power sources: primary – 200~245VAC 45-65Hz, max. 15W. Backup – internal battery, up to 24 hours.
  • Inputs for security sensors: 4pcs, support dry-contact, NPN and PNP type switches.
  • Inputs for environmental sensors: 8pcs, 1-wire type. Supports Dallas 1-wire temperature sensors (DS18B20 and other) as well as Aosong 1-wire temperature / humidity sensors (DHT11, AM2302, etc)
  • Wireless receiver: 433.92MHz, compatible with most of security items (PIR motion detectors, door reed switches, etc) and fire/smoke detectors. Also wireless receiver is capable to work with wireless temperature sensors.
  • Audible alarm: siren horn, 120Db@3m, 12V 1.2A max
  • GSM / GPRS module with one SIM card. Capable to receive and send SMS messages, makes emergency calls and upload data to the server.
  • 10/100mbit copper ethernet (RJ45) socket for fixed network connection. Both manual configuration and DHCP modes supported.