- MIVEC was founded in 2014 with the personnel was the key members have many years of work in areas such as: Measurement, testing and automation.
- We have the experience and knowledge sufficient to meet the requirements of customers from investment advice and solutions to equipment selection, procurement and technology transfer, manual and maintenance, warranty and upgrade, improve the existing system.

Vision, slogan

- Vision: To become a pioneering company in the field of transfer of advanced technology, integrated solutions for automation, monitoring and control.
- Slogan: “The effort constantly, creating the future”

Business Scope

- Provide electrical test products: Includes best stuff SP experiment, Secondary, petrochemical, cable testing and monitoring equipment (monitoring) and diagnose early. The products dedicated to the production of electricity, cement and chemicals.
- Provides portable measurement equipment: The type of gauges, test equipment, equipment calibration and commissioning service, safety devices, …
- Provide test products from EMC electromagnetic compatibility.
- Provide solutions and new technologies: Monitor temperature, flame picture, partial discharge monitoring, vibration monitoring, monitoring transmitter, MBA, motors, breakers. The control system DCS, PLC, …
- Supply of equipment, solutions and services for the research center, teaching, specialized technical institutes
- Provide technical services: Repair of measuring equipment, testing equipment, measurement solutions provider, automation, monitoring and supplies, spare parts included.
- Supply of equipment and spare parts for industrial plants.
- Provides investment advisory services, specialized training on test measurement and automation.

Motto of Operation

- Technology, innovation and continuous learning is the guiding principle in all activities of MIVATEC
- Link to create sustainable strength.
- Contributing to the cause of building the country with the goal of independence, self-reliance, reduce economic dependency and outside
- Income good for the individual and the collective.

Our commitment

- Not only offers one product alone but together with the first overall solutions and complete including consulting services, service before and after sales and other technical services provided.
- With the credibility of large companies in countries such as: The total power generation companies, power plants and hydropower; The total power company 1,2,3; Power Transmission Corporation and the regional transmission company; The units of Petro Viet Nam; … we believe will give customers the technology products and the best solution on the market today.